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Our open air photo booth is here...

What great feedback we have had since starting this mid 2016.


Our open air photo booth puts you in control of high quality instant prints as easy as 1,2,3...

1 - Tap the touchscreen

2 - Strike a pose

3 - Take your print

So what's an open air photo booth? Well, we have removed the booth so more people can fit in the image and so your friends and family can watch on. You will stand in front of our white screen and tap our photo booth computer screen that will be in front of you. This will count down and take a photo using our professional DSLR camera and lighting. You will then have 5 seconds to strike another pose or choose something out of the prop box next to you (maybe your friends will join in too). After the 4 photos are taken, our lab quality printer will print the image onto 6x4 photo paper and drop into the slot at the bottom of the computer within 15 seconds! Hey presto, yours to keep!


You will find that a lot of booths charge quite a bit of money however we are determined to be the cheapest around. With that said, if you find a booth with a cheaper quote, send us a copy and we shall try our best to beat it!


All bookings come with the following...

- Unlimited prints

- Props to use

- 1 USB with all images supplied to the client

Please contact us for a quote as prices vary depending on location and timings.



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